Amplify Situational Awareness

Three Coordinated Systems:

Dispatch | Scene Management | Smart Search

Whether you’re handling multi-agency scenes or single incidents, EnRoutePro makes incident response faster, more accurate and more accessible than ever before. Put your seat belt on and prepare to redefine everything you’ve used for scene management. View and share every aspect of incident response. Track agency and mutual aide partners in real-time. EnRoutePro’s synchronous coordination app provides GPS tracking and stored information even when cell service is unavailable.


New incidents appear when dispatched, shown in green with summary call information. Touch to indicate response status. Prior closed calls are shown in dark gray.

Quick Summary of the incident appears onscreen, details appear with a single tap.

Duty officers can use the scene manager screen to see where incoming units are in real time.

Complete details are available instantly.

Add incident notes at any time, on the fly.

Scene Management

Manage personnel on the scene. Get live GPS locations.

Manage apparatus at the scene. Get live GPS locations.

Quickly add details and work locations for apparatus and personnel

Make work assignments on the fly.

Tap anywhere on the map to show street address and lat/long for structure protection and helicopter ad hoc or predetermined landing zones. Landing zone and other information is available instantly.

Complete landing zone details are available instantly.

Continually tracks call elapsed time.

Ensures that only authorized users make changes.

Smart Search

Complete Smart Map Book - One tap to access the right information based on location, like county map grids and pre-fire plans..

Complete Information Library is always accessible.

Pins can show hydrants, FDC and other water sources, link directly to pre-fire-plans, show milepost markers, fire stations, landing zones, traffic overlays, hazards, lock box information, alerts and many other notes that help increase safety.

Pins can be placed by each agency wherever useful information helps with response. EnRoutePro will help you import your agency’s data.

Customize your library. Create your own Medical Primer for your responders and situations. Medical protocols, checklists and other quick reference guides can easily be added and accessed.