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Getting going on a demo

What we will need from you

  • Your agency name

  • A list of personnel and apparatus

  • If you want Responder Notification features, you will need to help us work with your CAD provider to set up email notifications to EnRoutePro.

  • If you want electronic maps, we will need to see some examples you have of maps, prefire plans, etc. We can take most file formats.

  • Responders will need to have cell phones capable of downloading apps.

  • Apparatus will need to have a tablet or similar device capable of downloading Droid, iOS or WIndows apps. iPad and Toughbooks are the most common apparatus devices.

  • These devices will need to safely mounted in the apparatus, typically in the officer seat.

What we will do

  • First, we can quickly set up a site for your agency. Once we have personnel and apparatus lists, this typically takes a day.

  • Once this site is set up, you can proceed with adding personnel, apparatus and even generating test calls to experiment with the system.

  • We can help provide guidance and best practices from other agencies on how to use the app. This helps with getting started, so you can then tailor to your situation and practices.

  • Once approved, we will work with your CAD technicians to setup the electronic notification from the CAD system to EnRoutePro. Our end usually takes less than day. You will guide us on what it takes for your dispatch center.


set up

  • Once we set the EnRoutePro site up, you will add personnel. When adding personnel, you will be sending them instructions to their cell phone on how to download and authorization code to sign in.

  • They will download from the App Store specific to their device (iPad, Droid).

  • You will also add apparatus. Once added, you will generate codes for apparatus, too, and each apparatus will need to download the software and use the sign in code to get started. The apparatus will download from the App Store, too.

time and cost

  • Trial periods are free of charge.

  • Length is negotiable, typically 60-90 days.