What problem does EnRoutePro solve?

EnRoutePro (ERP) software does 3 basic things.

First, EnRoutePro allows responders to receive call notifications on their smartphone, and allows them to indicate their response status for others to see. Pagers are great (I carry one, too), but it’s really helpful to be able to look at call details, verify address and let others know I’m coming (or not). Duty officers often appreciate knowing who they have coming in behind them.

Second, the EnRoutePro library contains your agency's critical information that's needed for access and on scene, including pre-fire plans, maps, protocols, contact lists, landing zones - whatever information that's helpful to improve response safety and effectiveness. As side note, these docs are pre-loaded, so I can access them even if I’m outside cell coverage areas. A nice feature is that maps coded to a specific address are immediately brought up to the user’s attention. This helps me to know when an incident address has a gate code or pre-fire plan doc, without me having to search.

Third, EnRoutePro provides a scene management capability that allows incident command to see which units are enroute and who has arrived. Using each units’ GPS locator built into tablets or hot spots, command can see where everyone is at, real-time, without having to ask. Commanders can also give them assignments such as fire attack, water supply, etc, or arrange locations/approaches. Especially in larger incidents, resource location and resource management can get challenging and having an electronic, birds eye view of the entire area can be helpful in keeping situational awareness. Even in smaller incidents, being able to see something as simple as the first response unit is down by the barn at the end of the property helps reduce confusion for 2nd in units. These features improve command and control, while reducing dependency on radio traffic.

EnRoutePro brings these features together on a single platform that is integrated with back-end CAD systems. Fire Departments looking to leverage 21st century technologies can gain a lot with a small investment.